ABI 3100 Performance with Various STR Typing Systems


Participants: John M. Butler, Margaret C. Kline, Richard Schoske, and Peter M. Vallone


Project Timeframe: April 2001 to June 2003



Purpose: To examine the ability of the ABI 3100 to reliably type short tandem repeat (STR) commercial kits and in-house assays.


Progress: We have had an ABI 3100 16-capillary system in our laboratory since April 2001 and have successfully analyzed a variety of STR typing kits including Promega’s PowerPlex® 16 and Applied Biosystems’ IdentifilerTM 16plex kits. A second ABI 3100 was purchased in June 2002. These commercial kits and new research multiplex assays we have developed in-house use a variety of fluorescent dye combinations with both 4-dye and 5-dye chemistries. We have generated DNA fragment analysis matrices on the 3100 using various combinations of the following dyes: 5FAM, JOE, NED, ROX, 6FAM, HEX, FL, TMR, CXR, VIC, PET, and LIZ. We have also evaluated performance of samples on both the ABI 310 (single capillary) and ABI 3100 (16-capillary array) instruments. Sensitivity and resolution were also explored on the ABI 3100 platform. We determined that the 16-capillary ABI 3100 using POP-6 polymer worked well and produced a throughput of approximately ten times that of the single capillary ABI 310 using POP-4 polymer. We introduced the ABI 3100 into routine use within our research laboratory. 



Publications and Presentations Resulting From This Project:

John Butler poster at Twelve International Symposium on Human Identification (Biloxi, MS), October 10-11, 2001, "STR Typing with the 16-capillary ABI 3100 Genetic Analyzer" [.pdf

Butler, J.M., Schoske, R., Vallone, P.M., Redman, J.W., and Kline, M.C. (2003) Allele frequencies for 15 autosomal STR loci on U.S. Caucasian, African American, and Hispanic populations. J. Forensic Sci. 48(4): 908-911.

Schoske, R., Vallone, P.M., Kline, M.C., Redman, J.W., and Butler, J.M. (2004) High-throughput Y-STR typing of U.S. populations with 27 regions of the Y chromosome using two multiplex PCR assays. Forensic Sci. Int. 139: 107-121. 

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Last updated: 06/19/2007


Disclaimer: This project was supported by National Institute of Justice Grant Number 2003-IJ-R-029, which is an interagency agreement between NIJ and the NIST Office of Law Enforcement Standards, awarded by the National Institute of Justice, Office of Justice Programs, US Department of Justice. Points of view in this document are those of the authors and do not necessarily represent the official position or policies of the US Department of Justice. Certain commercial equipment, instruments and materials are identified in order to specify experimental procedures as completely as possible.  In no case does such identification imply a recommendation or endorsement by the National Institute of Standards and Technology nor does it imply that any of the materials, instruments or equipment identified are necessarily the best available for the purpose.