DNA MoleculeSTRBase: A Forensic DNA and Human Identity Testing Community Resource


Participants: John M. Butler with assistance from Janette W. Redman (and formerly Christian M. Ruitberg and Dennis J. Reeder)


Project Timeframe: January 1997 to present


Purpose: To create a comprehensive community resource with useful information to aid the forensic DNA and human identity testing communities. The web site located at http://www.cstl.nist.gov/biotech/strbase/ brings together the abundant literature on the subject in a cohesive fashion to make future work in this field easier.


Progress: New resources and information content are regularly added to STRBase. An updates page provides a link to the latest information. STRBase includes NIST publications and presentations, software tools, and NIJ-funded projects, links to other relevant web sites, a glossary of commonly used terms, a brief introduction to STRs, information on core STR loci, STR fact sheets with details on observed alleles and PCR product sizes and sequences, descriptions of multiplex STR kits, annotated sequence information on some of the loci, catalogs of variant alleles, tri-allelic patterns, and null alleles reported by scientists in the field, mutation rates for common STR loci, published PCR primer sequences, Y-chromosome STR information, miniSTR descriptions, a fairly comprehensive STR reference list, addresses for scientists working with STRs, training materials, summaries of STR allele sequencing efforts, population data (including the downloaded OmniPop program), summaries of interlaboratory studies, validation resources, DNA quantitation information, information on the sex-typing marker amelogenin, forensic SNP markers, assays, and resources, the DNA Advisory Board Quality Assurance Standards, new STR markers under development at NIST, and data collected on NIST U.S. population samples.  


Publications or Presentations Resulting From This Project:

Ruitberg, C.M., Reeder, D.J., Butler, J.M. (2001) STRBase: a short tandem repeat DNA database for the human identity testing community. Nucleic Acids Res. 29: 320-322.


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Last updated: 06/19/2007


Disclaimer: This project was supported by National Institute of Justice Grant Number 2003-IJ-R-029, which is an interagency agreement between NIJ and the NIST Office of Law Enforcement Standards, awarded by the National Institute of Justice, Office of Justice Programs, US Department of Justice. Points of view in this document are those of the authors and do not necessarily represent the official position or policies of the US Department of Justice. Certain commercial equipment, instruments and materials are identified in order to specify experimental procedures as completely as possible.  In no case does such identification imply a recommendation or endorsement by the National Institute of Standards and Technology nor does it imply that any of the materials, instruments or equipment identified are necessarily the best available for the purpose.