Taiwan DNA Training Workshop


 Two days of presentations at Criminal Investigation Bureau Forensic Science Center (Taipei, Taiwan)

June 6-7, 2012


John M. Butler, Ph.D.

National Institute of Standards and Technology

To view or print slide handouts (6-slides to a page), click on highlighted topics


June 6, 2012

Introduction to NIST & the Applied Genetics Group

SWGDAM Guidelines*

 DNA Mixture Interpretation & Statistical Analysis


June 7, 2012

 Lineage Markers: Y-STRs, X-STRs, and mtDNA

 Capillary Electrophoresis & Troubleshooting Laboratory Problems

 The Future of Forensic DNA Typing


For full-page slides: [Introduction] [SWGDAM Guidelines] [Mixture Interpretation] [Lineage Markers] [CE & Troubleshooting] [Future of Forensic DNA]

*SWGDAM Autosomal STR Interpretation Guidelines (2010). Available at http://www.swgdam.org/Interpretation_Guidelines_January_2010.pdf


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